July 14, 2013   6 notes

Had a lovely weekend, and needed to get up to the allotment as apposed to sitting and relaxing in the garden with a beer…
So up to the allotment, stopping at the chippy, for an allotment tea!
My wife cola (pictured) got cracking with some weeding and then planting the extra pumpkin (hundred weight) with the kids! who had lots of fun watering them and us in!
As I prepped the leek rows (so dry!) pre-watered the trench then popped the holes in! 2 rows, one of each variety, I can’t remember now which ones mum sent us!?
We also had some Halloween pumpkins (unwins) - nearest path. the last 2 nearest the greenhouse were Patty Pan squash, and the two on their own are honey bear squash.
These have been in the greenhouse far too long! Hence the yellowness and they were very pot bound! I wonder if they will crop at all? Anyway, not got much else to put in! So might as well!
Everything else seems to be doing well! Removed the netting from the broccoli and cola weeded them! She got half-way through the broad beans as well!
Final plot shot just before I left!
Getting late, warm, kids knackered and so are we!

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