May 7, 2013   4 notes

Finally got my experimental pea sticks up and planted a double row of peas (Variety: Onward) along them… (Pruned some of my mum’s bamboo when we last visited thought they might be “twiggy” enough, so we’ll see!

Also planted 2 more rows of broad beans straight in: last lot of Bunyards exhibition and also a new variety (for me) called: Witkeim Manita. Got a few left so will Dow them later this month to try and get a bit if succession!
Everything is coming along well in the greenhouse…
I need to get my main crop potatoes in soon though! I’m still not happy with how little they have chitted after so long! Again we’ll see how they go!
The fruit bushes at the front of the plot are flowering like mad! The bumble bees are loving it! Looking forward to finding out what they are!
Kids to bed and 1.5hours on the plot! Not bad!
Just need a nice bit if rain now I think!

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