April 7, 2013   8 notes

Second day of spring today, and in between major DIY projects I managed to get to the plot today without the kids or mrs! (Got loads done!)

Pic 1: under the green tunnel is the first sowing of Boltardy Beetroot!

Pic 2: made a little raised bed and planted some sweet peas in the hope they will make the side of the shed look a bit nicer!

Pic 3: planted two rows of Spring onion (Lisbon white) - never tried these before but do love them in salads so giving them a go!

Pic 4: this is the wildlife area of our plot, currently housing a moved insect hotel (still in the making!) some stepping stones and scattered with summer flower seed (a mix bought from ALDI!)

Pic 5: started digging over the last bed (bed 4) that will be home to the rest of the peas and dwarf French beans! (so much couch grass and dandelion roots! Will take them out another day!)

Pic 6: after the first phase of broadbeans got wiped out with the snow, I’m hoping phase 2 will work better!

Pic 7: finishe levelling bed 3: which will be for the potatoes! Ready to plant them! Got a tip: plant potatoes with a bulb planter! Sounds like a good idea to me!

Pic 8: a panoramic view of the plot as I left! Think I’ll do a few more of these in the future! Gives a better picture of what I have got and done!

P.S greenhouse is looking good, will soon need to pot on the tomatoes, peppers, chillies, some brocoli has to he hardened off a bit and then planted too!

Exciting times!

(All in 2.5hours! Not bad going I didn’t think!)

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